Have you ever..??

​Have you ever.. ??

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone to such an extent that everyday is certainly the best day of your life? 

You love that someone with all your soul,heart and might. With all the energy the universe has blessed you with. 

One fine day, the person moves away from you, you don’t get a chance to be with that person, look in his/her eyes , the feelings just begin to fade away. Do you judge yourself,if you’ve really loved that person truly ,madly,deeply??

You must have probably tried making things work at the beginning because of these suddenly cropped up feelings,but at some point you just don’t feel like trying, you feel like giving up, like running away to a far off land. Everything seems too boring .

Was it even love at the first place. 

You start judging yourself again.

We are humans. We get bored. We lose our feelings . We either blame the other person or we run away. 

How about accepting how you feel? Even after you accept,you can not bring back your focus to the relationship again right? 

 The only option is to let go,mind you letting go after you’ve tried. It is very very difficult,but the only alternative I see. 

You may say, the person should try harder blah blah blah, but life is beautiful my friend,its not very long too. We want to make each day count and relationships like these,make things difficult for us and the significant other.

In such a scenario, we may give ourselves another chance;to work things out,build up our relationship, but can you call your feelings normal and natural then? 

Remember,a decision has to be made, you cannot hang in between a yes and no all your life.


The journey of a little Girl! 

One day a little girl asked the universe,” could you take me into the future soon”?

The universe asked her why would you want to grow up so quickly,you still have a long way to go?


The girl replied,”I want to grow up, complete my education,get a job , have a boyfriend and do whatever i wish to ”

The universe didnt say a word , the universe didn’t grant her wish either.

When the little girl was in school,she wanted to go to college, when she was in college she couldn’t wait to start working, when she started working she wanted to be independent. Admist all of this, the child in her wished to be a child whole heartedly once again.

All her life she waited planning and dreaming of the future that she let go of the present.

This is my story. I just wanted to move forward, reach the destination so quickly sometimes I actually believed we live today only to plan our happy future. NONSENSE thought.

Working and working all day long. Not really knowing as to how to manage my time, today I really wish I could turn back time to the good old days; but I cannot escape reality.

But,I know how important today is; this is where I belong and I have to make the most of it. If it’s a long day or a lousy long day; I still have a choice either to absorb the good stuff that happened during the day or the bad stuff. Sit back relax and when you’re ready; go conquer the new day!

Don’t you feel the same too?

Girl power in today’s world? Possible? Really?

What do you think? What’s it like,to be a girl;a growing woman rather?

If you don’t,

Let me tell you.

You know since ages, women have been looked down upon, thinking we women are born to live a mediocre life. We are not really capable of achieving much in life.

When a girl is small, she is told to be strong, to be brave, to love unconditionally by her parents. Then the little girl grows up, she walks around the world. The same world taught her that a girl cannot live; she has to struggle to survive.A girl has to dress up according to the society, a girl has to talk only when she’s asked to, a girl has to suffer everything that comes her way; because she’s too weak to raise her voice and stand up for herself. 

Even today,call it the 21st century or the advanced generation where change is accepted whole heartedly;yet in many parts of the world,this change is just not noticeable.

Forget about the world changing. Lets talk about ourselves. 

When there’s a group of guys,who discuss about the latest gadgets,if a girl who happens to be a part of their conversation and says something out of the blue,she is sidelined . Even though she may be right;you know it’s just not the girl thing..girls are too blonde to know about stuff like these! And 21st century is what we talk about . Wow.

We are labeled useless if we don’t know to cook, we are called by names if we have more guy friends than girl friends, we are looked at with such unfair attitude if we fall in love for the second time, husbands get jealous of their wives success at times;which leads to  quiting her job, our character is measured by the length of our skirt, we are questioned about our ability to give birth to a child;if we are married and don’t have a kid yet,we are complaint boxes if we nag i.e. worry too much, we are called moody females; c’mmon do you even know what’s it like to get cramps and to menstruate for one entire week;every single month and still multitask around??

Women have the ability, strength and courage to encounter everything; accomplish everything. We are not superior or inferior but equal to men. Infact, we are so special and wonderfully created that we don’t even need to compete with the opposite gender. 

A lot of you may wonder, as to how can I be so cynical,but the truth is a lot of us may be happy and really blessed with people who support us and help us grow to be better versions of ourselves each day ,but there are so many others out there in various parts of the world who still suffer,who still weep each night in the hope of a better tomorrow. Well, a girl child is so precious. I read a lot of stuff about women being beaten up, Eve teased, raped, murdered ,female infanticide, too much of domestic violence and what not.

If we take a stand and pledge ourselves to treat women equally and give them the respect they deserve. What a wonderful world would this be!

Also, this applies for the women around. Instead of judging other women and passing unwanted remarks, it would be such a lovely sight to see us support each other and help our fellow women grow with upheld dignity.I am so proud of all the women who are doing incredibly well in their respective lives. I would love to see every single woman on this planet live life on her terms. Follow her own dreams.

So people genuinely think over this, we are all humans; God’s children at the end of the day. We have no right to demean any human and treat them the way we would not like to be treated. 

Some of you may probably think, what rubbish I treat every woman with great respect, I don’t need all of this; but again I say please be good. Whether you are a man or a lady reading this; through your experiences you know a lot better than me,  you must have changed the way you treat other women after a particular incident; a realization. Therefore, there’s always a time for improvement. 

The time is now!

And hey,lovely ladies;

Stretch your wings and try new winds!!

How much is really enough??

Your dreams are yours alone. Do everything within your reach to make them come true!

If little is really really little and too much is much. 

How much little or more is really what satisfies us or our needs?

Sometimes we want to pursue our passion with all our might and strength but then again,money is an important asset we can’t let go off and hence the passion remains a mere part time hobby. 

We find a secure job for ourselves,we get exhausted at the end of the day. “Nothing in life comes easy” is what we rant all day . And we pursue our passions on weekends ,destress, feel happy and wish we could do it all our lives. We are such great convincing experts!

Of course it is very important to mint money ,for reasons known to us but what’s the point if we are so unhappy for the rest of the days. For when we pursue our passion,something that we love,no matter what ;how exhausted we feel,we love doing what we do. Not a single moment passes by where we don’t thank ourselves for believing and having faith in our abilities; for being self-made with God’s help is so cool! 

The bitter truth is, no matter how much money you make; the craving to have and want more will never really end. A little more is never going to be enough. Sometimes, in order to pursue your passion; you need to take up an odd job which you dislike. But by looking at the bigger picture, it’s all worth it. 

 So, when you follow your passion( which you are aware of or not) ; you may not mint a lot of money to satisfy your wants but you will surely satisfy your soul with your needs. Do, whatever it takes to pursue your passion and convert it into a full time job . 

For,a wise man once said,”when you Love what you do; you will never have to work a day in your life”. 

Promise yourself today, to focus on your needs more than your wants. One decision.

With you sounds much better than without you! 

The soul of a long distance lover speaks up today and it says :

The feeling of being far yet near; being two apart but one together; makes my heart miss you so much.

I miss you. I miss us. I miss the way we belonged to each other. I miss calling you up at any hour of the day; just to check on you. I miss bumping into you in this small world. I miss watching movies with you. I miss the way,we laughed over random senseless stuff.Walking around and talking about everything and enjoying the silence; for we believed and knew how to live in the moment.

There hasn’t been a single day, you haven’t crossed my mind. Our memories helps me get through the day joyfully. 

But now, times are changing. I cannot call you up during the day; sometimes days and weeks together. For our priorities have changed. Our focus has shifted. Career has suddenly become so important to us. Life is happening and amidst all of this we are taking what we have for granted. 

Distractions exist even today. Plenty opportunities awaiting for us. If what we had yesterday was so special, why then did we let life act on us? 

Why didn’t we take a stand? Why didn’t we be straightforward and fight for US;fight to create new memories?

Until yesterday, we never had to work things out between us, but today; it’s a different scenario altogether. 

Challenges while growing up are pretty normal. But finding the Love you wished for deep down in your heart since you first learnt about love and fighting for it; is what makes you a true Hero. 

So, here’s me telling you my love; that I will not give up on us. No matter how many conflicts exist between my mind and my heart. My soul has loved you and always will love you .

         For Love is patient and kind; never         conceited or proud. Love believes,               hopes and endures all things. Love             never fails. 

Life will be just as you want it to be. 😘

It is rightly said what is meant to be will be, but who decides so?
According to me,life is what we make of it. Its the way we decide to live our lives, our choices; whether right or wrong leads us to our final destination.

Why then do we let go of things so that they could come back to us? Makes a little or actually  no sense to me.

We have been given the intellect so that we can use it as and when required; so that we grow up to be wiser each day. Similarly, we have been given the power of the heart,to listen to it each time we want to make a choice and it is always right. 

Ask yourself what you want in life and go chase it. Dont wait for *oh, what is meant to be will be* 

For that statement holds true for things which are beyond our control,beyond our intellect,beyond the power of the heart.

For I strongly believe,God resides in each one of us. Hence, Life will be just the way you want it to be. Go and chase your dream.Make each smile,each day count. Make the most of every moment.

Whether a High or Low;just jump and go.

Power to you!!😘

One day! 

The purpose to live a purposeful life is a purposeful purpose. 
Ahhaha Oh yes! Just as confusing as this sounds,so is the road map towards finding your purpose in life. 

The more I read self help books and philosophical books ,the deeper I think rather worry as to when will my day come. When will I encounter the *eureka* moment in life. 

Now having a purpose in life doesn’t mean you settle on something in life which gives you security. Rather it is ditching that security and curling up within the things that are a pain to live through,but once you reach the tipping point ,nothing like it.

I may not have realised my purpose in life, but I have a fair idea as to what I like and what I dislike; I go to bed each night thanking God for the wonderful day and thanking myself for being so understanding towards me; for doing the things I believed I could do. 

These little steps and I’m sure through this I will achieve my higher purpose one day and so will you!

A message to the Youth!

Our Holy Father; Pope  Francis has conveyed such a beautiful message which I could certainly not resist and had to share it with you guys,especially to the Youth of this world.The Pope calls on young people to not let the “precious treasure” of the ability to love and beloved to be debased, destroyed or spoiled. 
He says:

“Dear young friends, in a culture of relativism and the ephemeral, many preach the importance of ‘enjoying’ the moment”.  “They say that it is not worth making a life-long commitment, making a definitive decision, ‘for ever’, because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.  I ask you, instead, to be revolutionaries, I ask you to swim against the tide; yes, I am asking you to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes you are incapable of responsibility, that believes you are incapable of true love.

In encouraging you to rediscover the beauty of the human vocation to love, I also urge you to rebel against the widespread tendency to reduce love to something banal, reducing it to its sexual aspect alone, deprived of its essential characteristics of beauty, communion, fidelity and responsibility”

Mediocre life is not for God’s children.

Very often we question our ability to excel in life. We limit ourselves in believing we are plain mediocre beings but God has not chosen us to live a mediocre life or think less about ourselves. Instead, he has created us; chosen us only because he has faith in our abilities and knows our potential.
We face a lot of rejections in our life. The job that we desperately wanted but didn’t get through, the girl/boy who we were madly in love with ;didn’t love us in return , the divorce we went through, the rejection from parents, family, friends and the endless pain we encounter.

At that instant what we don’t realize is, it all happens for a reason. Eventually we will understand this truth .God has a bigger and a better plan than we have for ourselves.  In tough times, ofcourse it’s natural on our path to crib about our pain but we can surely take tiny steps into believing that we were created for a bigger purpose.

The moment we trick ourselves into believing how great we truly are; Life will be such a wonderful journey and every moment created will be cherished and treasured until eternity.
So don’t worry my darling, everything happens for a reason , sometimes which is beyond the human understanding. Take a leap of faith and see what a beautiful gift Life is. Always, Always be confident and know your worth ; for you are beautifully and wonderfully made .

Handwritten Letters.Old school ?

Oh yes! The usual rant of how  Letters seem old fashioned. Life is fast. We are constantly on the run. Who has the time to sit and write a letter to a loved one anymore right? We are busy people and it’s such a busy world that we live in! *Phew*

How about this; When I was a child, I loved making cards for my dear ones. Especially my Parents and sister who loved each of them. I wrote sweet words inside as simple as a Thank you or I Love You. It certainly made me more happy than  them and I used to get so excited giving them the cards. 

Oh take me back!!

This is has become a habit that I have cultivated over the years now, be it school,high school,college ; I’ve written letters to all of my Best people and I still do. No matter how old fashioned and time consuming it may seem. For me, it’s a pure gift you could offer. 
Writing a letter to someone potrays Love in the most simplest form. Its such a kind gesture,to think of someone,to write sweet words ,to describe how you feel. It not only connects you to the person but also makes the person reading it feel so special. 

So take sometime out, write a letter to your Parents, children, teacher,spouse,relative,friend,neighbour,a well wisher or even that old friend of yours ,you haven’t kept in touch with since a long time . Trust me, you will feel so good after writing, that you might end up sending a letter to every person you know and when you get a letter from them in return, it’s indeed a priceless treasure you possess!

For we can grow old with each passing day ,but not a handwritten letter; for it carries so much Love .

P.S- oh well! You could even write a letter to me. ;):D

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