Don’t you dare let the world define you!

Oh what a world of immense choices we live in!
Ever wondered how badly we are spoilt for choices, very often right? 

So what’s a right choice according to you? 

A right choice could be :

1. An intuitive feeling which says , go ahead ; do it

2. Let’s take a risk and see what happens next feeling,

3. Let’s go with the flow,

4. Think ponder list your pros and cons and then draw upon a final conclusion , a well planned choice .

You know something , 

A right choice for you may not be a right choice for me; likewise vice versa.

Hold on, the bitter truth is , there is no right or wrong choice , we need to weigh the consequences of our actions and make a choice accordingly . The one which is apt for that situation.

But why think about the consequences of our choices ten years down the line,if we have no guarantee of living for that long,right?

how then do we make our choices;

simply by living in the moment, wanting to do what we want to ,as if the moment is about to freeze forever….

And so my friend, don’t let anybody validate your choices, for you alone are the best judge and responsible for the choices you make.

Don’t you dare let the world define you!


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