A good lesson that chicken pox taught me!

Alright! So. I’m here after a really long time. Had I forgotten about my Blog? Oh, yeah pretty much i think so, blame the mundane tasks in life.
Lying in bed, feeling very very isolated,lost,sad,upset but also very happy ,loved,excited at the same time.

So my present scene goes like this…

I have developed chicken pox, Oh sweet Lord, yes at this adult age, I find it really crazy. Still trying to trace back the day and moment at which I attracted this virus.

So ,here’s the thing, I feel all sad and lost because when you look at yourself wrapped up in these tiny -grown-huge blisters all over yourself, you get worried for your body, you blame yourself for eating that unhealthy food,not exercising,not paying enough attention to your personal hygiene, but hey, its my first time. I am allowed to feel this way, right?

Being healthy and unhealthy is a choice we ought to make, but a virus getting attracted to you, its by chance.

When I began to discover the blisters spreading all over, I freaked out, I cried . I cried my heart,lungs,liver ,every organ out. I was shocked.  I thought to myself, I had been vaccinated way too early, took every precaution as a kid and now when I’m all grown up, I encounter this virus? Weird stuff eh?

Nevertheless, this entire agony taught me, I had to be strong, I had to look myself into the mirror and have the courage to smile,even though I was faking it, I just knew I had to get well soon. I had my entire vacation planned, flight tickets booked, itinerary sorted,and then this happened. I was furious at first. But you know ,stuff happens.

I saw my mother worried and scared ,my father tensed, my neighbours so kind and generous, my relatives concerned. Oh c’mmon, who would ever notice things like these in today’s world,with everyone glued onto their phones and laptops 24*7 and trying to fit in?  The care ,worry ,concern and affection that our Parents show us,is something we will only truly understand when we grow to be Parents ourselves. This may sound like an Old School thought,it still stands true. It takes a sickness /disease to teach you a good lesson and to make you realize the people you try to chase all your life are not worth any of your time.

Your true Hero’s are just around you.

Image result for family

We as individuals are so used to taking life for granted without being fully aware as to how fragile life is! Deep inside my heart aches, it aches because I failed to notice all these beautiful people in my life who love me without any expectations for so many years now, of course I love each of them ,but ,you tend to take them for granted and they are so selfless .

As I pray to recover from this Virus soon, I also want to Thank God for letting this virus get to me, because this was the only way probably I would look around me without an Iphone in hand and pay attention not to the universal beauty but to the beauty of my world,my people.

P.S- Put that phone/laptop/television/ipod/assets away. Stop trying to capture every moment, but live fully and create your forever moment in your space with your people.


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