New year with Old self??

Every year people come up with new rather repeated resoultions . 
Do you truly think and feel that 365 days are merely enough to make a resolution and accomplish it . Oh well, that probably depends on how well you work towards it . 

If you ask me ; I believe it’s just another day . Why hype it so much ? 

Well I have my reasons ; ok so imagine this -you take a walk or drive across the road and you suddenly encounter an incident which turns into a great learning experience and opens your blinded eye towards something you believed was impossible or of less importance and this sole incident held the power to change you .

This could happen at any moment not possibly on 1st January alone . 

Why then do we make resolutions ; small steps towards bigger achievements? Even if it’s so; why wait until a new year? 

A new year could be anytime; today , tomorrow, day after or even now for that matter . It is truly a new year when you decide to change yourself and do things you have been procrastinating for years together .

We don’t have to walk in the ways the world directs us ; we need to find our own paths ; discover our own likes , dislikes; form our own opinions and question everything ; every single word that we read or hear. 

I’d like to quote Paulho Coehlo ,”sometimes you need to lose yourself , to discover who you are “.
Hence , let a new year begin the day you decide you want to be the best version of yourself . Keep moving and look ahead , for the best is yet to come . 

Cheers to A New You . 😘


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