Yes! It’s that time of the year babyπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸΎπŸŽ‰

So it’s December. That time of the year when life is at it’s best . No worries, fears, stress, anxiety but only happiness amidst everything that comes your way.
It’s my personal favourite time of the year and I keep a track of the entire month . Literally. 

I plan my day , write about my day every single day . It’s just so much fun and exciting . The excitement seeks in when late September arrives . Oh yes, I am a little crazy but I cannot express how amazing I feel. 

1. Because it’s my birthday this month and

2. Well,it’s Christmas time folks. 

I begin my mornings with a sweet Christmas carol and the entire day just passes by so joyfully. Oh, how I love you sweet December. You make me so happy .

You know, each year December is special in its own way and it’s different too. Especially when you are in love. 

“Love gets better at Christmas than any other time of the year”.

When you love someone with all your soul ; you are sure to express butterflies in your stomach and your heart races to an extent where in you want to say,’aye go slow’.

We never really allow ourselves to fully express how we feel ( well not everyone but most of us). How then do we know we are in love ?

You know you are in love when;

1. You give yourself permission to feel every emotion freely.

2. You can’t stop blushing looking at your partner.

3. You forget everything that you have worried about throughout the day .

4. You value the time at hand .

5. You put your phone away and are fully present in the moment .

6. You feel at Peace, you laugh, you are a happy happy soul with not a care in the world .

7. You just stare into your partners eyes and think of ways to kiss him/her.

8. You don’t really bother about anything and you just want to freeze in the moment.

Every person may have their own opinion but what matters the most is that feeling which is so difficult to put into words; the feeling of being happy and content when are with your partner . It’s PERFECT!

So , a happy December my bloggers . May you have the time of your life and make the most of this time of the year . Make memories and peace with your loved ones ✌️ 


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