Have you ever..??

​Have you ever.. ??

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone to such an extent that everyday is certainly the best day of your life? 

You love that someone with all your soul,heart and might. With all the energy the universe has blessed you with. 

One fine day, the person moves away from you, you don’t get a chance to be with that person, look in his/her eyes , the feelings just begin to fade away. Do you judge yourself,if you’ve really loved that person truly ,madly,deeply??

You must have probably tried making things work at the beginning because of these suddenly cropped up feelings,but at some point you just don’t feel like trying, you feel like giving up, like running away to a far off land. Everything seems too boring .

Was it even love at the first place. 

You start judging yourself again.

We are humans. We get bored. We lose our feelings . We either blame the other person or we run away. 

How about accepting how you feel? Even after you accept,you can not bring back your focus to the relationship again right? 

 The only option is to let go,mind you letting go after you’ve tried. It is very very difficult,but the only alternative I see. 

You may say, the person should try harder blah blah blah, but life is beautiful my friend,its not very long too. We want to make each day count and relationships like these,make things difficult for us and the significant other.

In such a scenario, we may give ourselves another chance;to work things out,build up our relationship, but can you call your feelings normal and natural then? 

Remember,a decision has to be made, you cannot hang in between a yes and no all your life.


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