The journey of a little Girl! 

One day a little girl asked the universe,” could you take me into the future soon”?

The universe asked her why would you want to grow up so quickly,you still have a long way to go?


The girl replied,”I want to grow up, complete my education,get a job , have a boyfriend and do whatever i wish to ”

The universe didnt say a word , the universe didn’t grant her wish either.

When the little girl was in school,she wanted to go to college, when she was in college she couldn’t wait to start working, when she started working she wanted to be independent. Admist all of this, the child in her wished to be a child whole heartedly once again.

All her life she waited planning and dreaming of the future that she let go of the present.

This is my story. I just wanted to move forward, reach the destination so quickly sometimes I actually believed we live today only to plan our happy future. NONSENSE thought.

Working and working all day long. Not really knowing as to how to manage my time, today I really wish I could turn back time to the good old days; but I cannot escape reality.

But,I know how important today is; this is where I belong and I have to make the most of it. If it’s a long day or a lousy long day; I still have a choice either to absorb the good stuff that happened during the day or the bad stuff. Sit back relax and when you’re ready; go conquer the new day!

Don’t you feel the same too?


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