Girl power in today’s world? Possible? Really?

What do you think? What’s it like,to be a girl;a growing woman rather?

If you don’t,

Let me tell you.

You know since ages, women have been looked down upon, thinking we women are born to live a mediocre life. We are not really capable of achieving much in life.

When a girl is small, she is told to be strong, to be brave, to love unconditionally by her parents. Then the little girl grows up, she walks around the world. The same world taught her that a girl cannot live; she has to struggle to survive.A girl has to dress up according to the society, a girl has to talk only when she’s asked to, a girl has to suffer everything that comes her way; because she’s too weak to raise her voice and stand up for herself. 

Even today,call it the 21st century or the advanced generation where change is accepted whole heartedly;yet in many parts of the world,this change is just not noticeable.

Forget about the world changing. Lets talk about ourselves. 

When there’s a group of guys,who discuss about the latest gadgets,if a girl who happens to be a part of their conversation and says something out of the blue,she is sidelined . Even though she may be right;you know it’s just not the girl thing..girls are too blonde to know about stuff like these! And 21st century is what we talk about . Wow.

We are labeled useless if we don’t know to cook, we are called by names if we have more guy friends than girl friends, we are looked at with such unfair attitude if we fall in love for the second time, husbands get jealous of their wives success at times;which leads to  quiting her job, our character is measured by the length of our skirt, we are questioned about our ability to give birth to a child;if we are married and don’t have a kid yet,we are complaint boxes if we nag i.e. worry too much, we are called moody females; c’mmon do you even know what’s it like to get cramps and to menstruate for one entire week;every single month and still multitask around??

Women have the ability, strength and courage to encounter everything; accomplish everything. We are not superior or inferior but equal to men. Infact, we are so special and wonderfully created that we don’t even need to compete with the opposite gender. 

A lot of you may wonder, as to how can I be so cynical,but the truth is a lot of us may be happy and really blessed with people who support us and help us grow to be better versions of ourselves each day ,but there are so many others out there in various parts of the world who still suffer,who still weep each night in the hope of a better tomorrow. Well, a girl child is so precious. I read a lot of stuff about women being beaten up, Eve teased, raped, murdered ,female infanticide, too much of domestic violence and what not.

If we take a stand and pledge ourselves to treat women equally and give them the respect they deserve. What a wonderful world would this be!

Also, this applies for the women around. Instead of judging other women and passing unwanted remarks, it would be such a lovely sight to see us support each other and help our fellow women grow with upheld dignity.I am so proud of all the women who are doing incredibly well in their respective lives. I would love to see every single woman on this planet live life on her terms. Follow her own dreams.

So people genuinely think over this, we are all humans; God’s children at the end of the day. We have no right to demean any human and treat them the way we would not like to be treated. 

Some of you may probably think, what rubbish I treat every woman with great respect, I don’t need all of this; but again I say please be good. Whether you are a man or a lady reading this; through your experiences you know a lot better than me,  you must have changed the way you treat other women after a particular incident; a realization. Therefore, there’s always a time for improvement. 

The time is now!

And hey,lovely ladies;

Stretch your wings and try new winds!!


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