How much is really enough??

Your dreams are yours alone. Do everything within your reach to make them come true!

If little is really really little and too much is much. 

How much little or more is really what satisfies us or our needs?

Sometimes we want to pursue our passion with all our might and strength but then again,money is an important asset we can’t let go off and hence the passion remains a mere part time hobby. 

We find a secure job for ourselves,we get exhausted at the end of the day. “Nothing in life comes easy” is what we rant all day . And we pursue our passions on weekends ,destress, feel happy and wish we could do it all our lives. We are such great convincing experts!

Of course it is very important to mint money ,for reasons known to us but what’s the point if we are so unhappy for the rest of the days. For when we pursue our passion,something that we love,no matter what ;how exhausted we feel,we love doing what we do. Not a single moment passes by where we don’t thank ourselves for believing and having faith in our abilities; for being self-made with God’s help is so cool! 

The bitter truth is, no matter how much money you make; the craving to have and want more will never really end. A little more is never going to be enough. Sometimes, in order to pursue your passion; you need to take up an odd job which you dislike. But by looking at the bigger picture, it’s all worth it. 

 So, when you follow your passion( which you are aware of or not) ; you may not mint a lot of money to satisfy your wants but you will surely satisfy your soul with your needs. Do, whatever it takes to pursue your passion and convert it into a full time job . 

For,a wise man once said,”when you Love what you do; you will never have to work a day in your life”. 

Promise yourself today, to focus on your needs more than your wants. One decision.


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