With you sounds much better than without you! 

The soul of a long distance lover speaks up today and it says :

The feeling of being far yet near; being two apart but one together; makes my heart miss you so much.

I miss you. I miss us. I miss the way we belonged to each other. I miss calling you up at any hour of the day; just to check on you. I miss bumping into you in this small world. I miss watching movies with you. I miss the way,we laughed over random senseless stuff.Walking around and talking about everything and enjoying the silence; for we believed and knew how to live in the moment.

There hasn’t been a single day, you haven’t crossed my mind. Our memories helps me get through the day joyfully. 

But now, times are changing. I cannot call you up during the day; sometimes days and weeks together. For our priorities have changed. Our focus has shifted. Career has suddenly become so important to us. Life is happening and amidst all of this we are taking what we have for granted. 

Distractions exist even today. Plenty opportunities awaiting for us. If what we had yesterday was so special, why then did we let life act on us? 

Why didn’t we take a stand? Why didn’t we be straightforward and fight for US;fight to create new memories?

Until yesterday, we never had to work things out between us, but today; it’s a different scenario altogether. 

Challenges while growing up are pretty normal. But finding the Love you wished for deep down in your heart since you first learnt about love and fighting for it; is what makes you a true Hero. 

So, here’s me telling you my love; that I will not give up on us. No matter how many conflicts exist between my mind and my heart. My soul has loved you and always will love you .

         For Love is patient and kind; never         conceited or proud. Love believes,               hopes and endures all things. Love             never fails. 


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