One day! 

The purpose to live a purposeful life is a purposeful purpose. 
Ahhaha Oh yes! Just as confusing as this sounds,so is the road map towards finding your purpose in life. 

The more I read self help books and philosophical books ,the deeper I think rather worry as to when will my day come. When will I encounter the *eureka* moment in life. 

Now having a purpose in life doesn’t mean you settle on something in life which gives you security. Rather it is ditching that security and curling up within the things that are a pain to live through,but once you reach the tipping point ,nothing like it.

I may not have realised my purpose in life, but I have a fair idea as to what I like and what I dislike; I go to bed each night thanking God for the wonderful day and thanking myself for being so understanding towards me; for doing the things I believed I could do. 

These little steps and I’m sure through this I will achieve my higher purpose one day and so will you!


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