Life will be just as you want it to be. 😘

It is rightly said what is meant to be will be, but who decides so?
According to me,life is what we make of it. Its the way we decide to live our lives, our choices; whether right or wrong leads us to our final destination.

Why then do we let go of things so that they could come back to us? Makes a little or actually  no sense to me.

We have been given the intellect so that we can use it as and when required; so that we grow up to be wiser each day. Similarly, we have been given the power of the heart,to listen to it each time we want to make a choice and it is always right. 

Ask yourself what you want in life and go chase it. Dont wait for *oh, what is meant to be will be* 

For that statement holds true for things which are beyond our control,beyond our intellect,beyond the power of the heart.

For I strongly believe,God resides in each one of us. Hence, Life will be just the way you want it to be. Go and chase your dream.Make each smile,each day count. Make the most of every moment.

Whether a High or Low;just jump and go.

Power to you!!😘


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