Mediocre life is not for God’s children.

Very often we question our ability to excel in life. We limit ourselves in believing we are plain mediocre beings but God has not chosen us to live a mediocre life or think less about ourselves. Instead, he has created us; chosen us only because he has faith in our abilities and knows our potential.
We face a lot of rejections in our life. The job that we desperately wanted but didn’t get through, the girl/boy who we were madly in love with ;didn’t love us in return , the divorce we went through, the rejection from parents, family, friends and the endless pain we encounter.

At that instant what we don’t realize is, it all happens for a reason. Eventually we will understand this truth .God has a bigger and a better plan than we have for ourselves.  In tough times, ofcourse it’s natural on our path to crib about our pain but we can surely take tiny steps into believing that we were created for a bigger purpose.

The moment we trick ourselves into believing how great we truly are; Life will be such a wonderful journey and every moment created will be cherished and treasured until eternity.
So don’t worry my darling, everything happens for a reason , sometimes which is beyond the human understanding. Take a leap of faith and see what a beautiful gift Life is. Always, Always be confident and know your worth ; for you are beautifully and wonderfully made .


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