Handwritten Letters.Old school ?

Oh yes! The usual rant of how  Letters seem old fashioned. Life is fast. We are constantly on the run. Who has the time to sit and write a letter to a loved one anymore right? We are busy people and it’s such a busy world that we live in! *Phew*

How about this; When I was a child, I loved making cards for my dear ones. Especially my Parents and sister who loved each of them. I wrote sweet words inside as simple as a Thank you or I Love You. It certainly made me more happy than  them and I used to get so excited giving them the cards. 

Oh take me back!!

This is has become a habit that I have cultivated over the years now, be it school,high school,college ; I’ve written letters to all of my Best people and I still do. No matter how old fashioned and time consuming it may seem. For me, it’s a pure gift you could offer. 
Writing a letter to someone potrays Love in the most simplest form. Its such a kind gesture,to think of someone,to write sweet words ,to describe how you feel. It not only connects you to the person but also makes the person reading it feel so special. 

So take sometime out, write a letter to your Parents, children, teacher,spouse,relative,friend,neighbour,a well wisher or even that old friend of yours ,you haven’t kept in touch with since a long time . Trust me, you will feel so good after writing, that you might end up sending a letter to every person you know and when you get a letter from them in return, it’s indeed a priceless treasure you possess!

For we can grow old with each passing day ,but not a handwritten letter; for it carries so much Love .

P.S- oh well! You could even write a letter to me. ;):D

My email: naomi_sunshine5@yahoo.com

 I would love to hear from my lovely bloggers. 


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