Every Rose has a thorn, but it’s still a Beautiful Rose 🌹

The heart of the Rose is more beautiful than the outer beauty.

The Beautiful flower that once bloomed, has now withered away. 

Oh well, what happened was it grew  and grew and grew up, until it’s expiry date came along the way. 

Journey of a Rose

Even though it didn’t look appealing to the naked eye anymore, it’s fragrance still lingered upon my fingertips.

I watched it bloom with the very same eyes. I watered it each day because I didn’t want it to wither away. No matter how much I tried to keep it alive each day by caressing it as much as I could,saving it was not possible . For we all are created that way .

But the time that I spent with this beauty ;it taught me; how flawless a Rose is only if you focus on its beauty and fragrance. The way it can bring a smile to our face and make our hearts joyful. 

The heart of the Rose reminds me that all of us have our own set of flaws, certain qualities we don’t appreciate in other people . Yet, when we truly love them, we only focus on the inner beauty and savor every moment we spend with them. Our imperfections sets up apart and makes us unique. Why then do we pay unwanted attention to the negative aspects alone?

So,the next time, you find yourself thinking negatively about a person, no matter how good or bad they actually are , just stare at the heart of the Rose and you will realize and know all that you need to.


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