What’s your Dream?

For Dream and Believe that the Best is yet to come.

As Walt Disney has quoted , “A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES”.


How important is it, for each one of us to have a dream?


When i was a child, i wanted to be a Pilot, so that i could fly far far away. I stuck up pictures of the Airforce Chief, Pilots, Aeroplanes,Helicopters everywhere over my wardrobe.

Probably,the dream faded away when i woke up one morning realizing I wanted to be  Teacher and the dreams kept changing. Someday’s a Business Woman, a Social Worker, a Singer, a Musician, a Dancer ;the list went on and on.

Today, as I’m growing up;

I dream of being a Happy Soul. A girl who can make every living creature smile.

I dream of being wealthy by creating meaningful relationships and not running after materialistic things.

I dream of making a difference into this world.

I dream of waking up every morning knowing I was created ; to live a happy life and not worry about how will I get through the day.

I dream of laughing at myself when things don’t go my way and try once again.

I dream of moving to a new place and starting my life afresh.

I dream to dare to Dream;to transform my dreams into reality .


So,if you are brave enough ; let me ask you,

What’s your Dream?

Dare to Dream. For ‘as a Man thinketh in his heart so is he’.



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