Until we meet again…

So it seems to be the season of “goodbyes” and “until we meet again”…

All of my closest friends , some of which have already gone away to reach great heights in their respective careers and some are leaving this week. 

This bunch of mine is closest to my heart and not a single person is going to be with me now onwards.

         Our endless conversations about everything and nothing. Endless laughter sprees, nightout,clubbing scenes,partying like there’s no tomorrow,getting drunk on each other’s laughter. Also,cribbing about how people change,how life is going nowhere and the usual stuff which is so silly… Oh Christ!

 I am so happy for each of them.  

Each one of them have taught me how to let go of the unimportant stuff and focus on what’s good. How to stay focused on the present moment . I already miss them so very much. 

Some are my school best friends,college best friends and you don’t find such people everywhere. Everyone has gone and is going away. I feel sad at the same time because I know; everything from here on will change . Life is happening. All those close to me are leaving and no, matter how happy I am,the fact that I am going to be alone and will have to make new friends makes me a little sad. 

Such a Life though! How did we grow up so fast?Just last year we graduated from college and now we will part ways. Nevertheless, we will surely meet again in future and laugh over all those silly conversations we had.

So cheers to the New Beginnings and Happy Days!! 

For friendships like these are so Special, I will certainly cherish every single memory we’ve created together as a Squad and treasure them always..👭👫💓


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