To Live or merely Survive?


Breathtaking view!


Waterfalls. Beautyđź’“

The days are passing by so quickly. Feels like just yesterday, a new year began and today we are already half way through.*sigh*. How often do we wonder, as to why do days pass by so quickly? How could we just seize the day? Everyday?

(So here’s a little long,but I guarantee its going to be worth the read write up about an experience i had days ago)


So peaceful!

Last Sunday, I went on a trek since it’s monsoon season, the weather was just perfect. Being an adventure lover, I was super excited and looking forward to it since a really long time. Imagine the mountains, breeze sending you chilly spines all over and when you get drenched in the rain đź’“couldn’t ask for more, right?
But amidst all of this, what I didn’t anticipate was the height; which was about 1,550 ft high. For a person like me, who has a phobia of heights this made me go all “OMG” . I certainly didn’t know this until I reached half way through, because the walk seemed never ending.

images (7)

Mountain calling. This was the one I climbed .

Nevertheless, we continued our trek inspite of the times I fell ( blame my shoes or the slippery path)

There was a point right at the top, which made me freeze and I almost began to cry (I would appreciate if you don’t judge me,haha). It was so damn scary ;a narrow path, the breeze blowing in a way which could have probably made me fly. To my left all I could see were clouds and a deep , a very very deep valley. Oh Christ! It was a breathtaking view,but it surely made me gasp for some Oxygen. Dude, I FREAKED OUT!!

But they say, God sends his angels and these kind souls help you along the way and so my lovely brave friends,as I would like to call them, stepped forward,each of them holding my hands helped me throughout. No matter how scary it was for them as well, this kind deed made my day.


Walk along this road and feel refreshed.


So, at the moment when I froze , I couldn’t think of a single worry, failure, future hopes,job, people.Nothing at all. (though I longed to get back home to  my family and my lover just to say how much they meant to me) . But the most important thing running across my mind was I WANTED TO LIVE, I just wanted to breathe and LIVE.
This was such an eye-opener man, I mean it took me to climb this mountain,to realize how fragile our life is. Life is sooo precious and if I lived to see the sunrise today,it only means God has a bigger and better plan for me,than I have for myself. Never did I think of my life,in such a way before.


Neverending walk; worth it though .

Each day, we try to survive through so many things; the workplace we dread going to, the relationship we feel stuck in, the career we don’t like; yet pursue, our endless sacrifices and compromises, our purpose in life, our passion and the list goes on. Here’s the truth, this is such a bull crap, we have created for ourselves.

Instead, of surviving through life, I want to savor every single moment; for Life is the most precious gift given to us, without which we would just not exist. We drag through life as though it’s a daily chore and run after material things which are of no value when you’re breathing through the last hours. Let us not look upon life as a burden but, let’s appreciate the little joys which each day offers us. As Emma Goldman noted,” I’d rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck.


OOh yes!  The happy feeling amidst nature.#letgoofyourfears

 Trustme. This trek completely shook me up. I haven’t wasted a single second worrying about my future, my dreams or just by passing my time since then. We are a speck within this galaxy, with no guarantee for the number days to be encountered .For I truly believe;

It is more important to live, than to merely survive. Don’t you agree too?






5 thoughts on “To Live or merely Survive?

  1. dorkyglassesblog says:

    Hey, I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the three day quote challenge ^ ^ . I don’t know if you participate in stuff like this, but I enjoy your blog so I thought of you. Please do it if you want to!


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