Things they said…

They said, it’s not your cup of tea, but I still went ahead , worked hard and excelled at it.

They said it’s not important, but I still stood up for myself.

They said you will never be able move on,but I’m grateful for the lessons learned .

They said you will never succeed, but I managed to reach this far.

They said, you will never make it in love again, but it’s only growing into a stronger bond; with the most pure love every single day .

They said, life is too short , act as if nothing went wrong, but I cried my heart out knowing at that moment life wasn’t really short.

They said forgive and forget, but I forgived and tried my best to forget ,only after I let my wounds heal on its own ;with the passing time .

They said, he isn’t right for you, but when through the dark times they gave up, he stood like a rock by my side and ensured I didn’t give up on myself.

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Lights(soul) will guide you home(destiny).

Of all the things they said, I listened to each of them, but

I only gave importance and paid attention to what my soul felt and it was right each time.

For the soul knows what lies beneath every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action. It leads you to the path , just where you were meant to be.


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