To Smile or Frown? It’s your choice.




What if i fall? But, Oh my Darling ,what if you fly?


So, I’m back from my vacation. Goa treated me really well and Oh, it feels great to be back all fresh.

The vacation was a much needed break, especially when my brain just froze at times and i began to feel my life was certainly going nowhere. *SIGH*. Nevertherless , I feel rejuvenated now.

As Paulo Coelho has rightly said,” Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are”.Sometimes, we travel , take a vacation to discover a part of us that we didn’t know existed within us. I took this opportunity to clear my mind out of all the negativity that was caving in.



Oh! good days.

As i stood by the sea i saw a few rocks in the midst.When i looked closely, i noticed that the rocks didn’t stop the waves from reaching the shore, instead the waves hit the rocks up high and managed to reach their destination. How often, do we react in the same way?

I certainly, take a lot of time to figure all of this out. It’s only human . When obstacles appear along our paths, we tend to stop or change our route. Why? Why can’t we be patient? Easier said than done right?

What could be the possible solution to this then? How could we discover ourselves?

I believe that we can only discover ourselves, through the adversities, trials and not-so-good-days that we encounter during Our lives. Through every adversity comes out a great blessing.  A great opportunity arises and we begin to be grateful for all the mess,we believed we couldn’t survive through all those dark days.


Perfect place to feed your happy soul.

I feel so lost at times. I want to run to someone seeking for advice , telling me what i should be doing in life. But, what’s the point?  Nobody knows me better than i know myself. People will advise me for my good i agree, but only out of how much they know me.

In times , like these, I take one day at a time for I know that’s the only way, when each day will be at it’s best.


Your choice. Always.


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