Sun shines through the Rain.


Open the door of your heart and let mercy flow.


Very often we find ourselves in situations, where we question  the importantance of forgiveness in our life?

When a person dear to us, causes us pain,hurts our soul. How do we react? It’s awful right? We shut them out completely.
Personally I’ve encountered a lot of experiences which required me to forgive people around ,who meant the world to me.

But most of all, I realized this was only possible ,if I began by forgiving myself .

I had to forgive myself for still clinging onto the happenings of the past and sulking over all of it.
I had to forgive myself for trusting people blindly.

I had to forgive myself dancing to the tune of the people around me.

I had to forgive myself for not loving me enough.
I had to forgive myself for not allowing myself to be what I was created to be.


“Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to His love, and the future to His providence.” – St Augustine


 Only then, could it be possible to forgive the “close”ones.

We always,look around and find someone or something to blame . Ocourse,its easier that way and causes less pain. Right?
But,no ! That is so not the way.

I have learnt it the hard way and hence, whenever I come across such situations, I promise myself not to react immediately.

I question myself first, calm myself down ,forgive myself and remind myself that I love myself too much .

Then I go along and forgive.


Be like this ball of fire,which spreads it’s light throughout the  Earth.

Being mercifull requires great courage and understanding ,it also requires to be compassionate towards your own self. That way , we will surely find it easier to forgive others.

We often carry the burden of unforgiveness, hatred,anger towards people. We create boundaries for the world, but don’t realize we only fence ourselves in.

If only, each one of us, tries to implement the works of mercy in our lives. I’m sure, great wonders would take place.


Kick-start your life by being merciful and spreading love. Always.

At the end of the day, we only crave for a happy and peaceful soul right??!


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