Mine. Forever and Always..


This is the place, where I always went on ferry rides.


This is the place wherein I’ve spent my every school, college vacation.

This is my Goa 💓

This place never demands anything from me. Doesn’t ask me to grow up , pull through life, be rich. Nothing at all. Instead, it reminds me of every little thing it has gifted me;

          the Childhood memories which are so very precious, the fresh air, the tall coconut trees, the pond, the sea at a stone throw distance from my place, the endless games we played back then, the fishing scenes,  climbing up the trees to get cashews, guava,hahaha ,not forgetting the extremely sweet and extra loving neighbors around, the beautiful chapels, churches. 

I am on a vacation right now, even though strolling around and meeting endless relatives throughout the day takes away all of my time, I really wanted to put up the pictures and blog about this place. I am so in love with this place. My Nana (Grandma), used to throw the net into the little pond we had behind our place and catch crabs for the family, especially me because crabs are my favorite and I can eat them like a pro.hahaha, she then cooked the perfect crab curry. I miss her the most now!

The excitement level has not dropped at all since childhood but yes, it surely gets stronger each time a vacation to this place is planned. I think, it’s because of Nana’s yummy perfectly cooked  food, the fishing scenes, the *go run for the coconut which has fallen off the tree* scenes , which makes me fall in love with place even more. Though,a lot of things have changed here over the years, it still holds a very special place in my heart. I feel soooooooooo, maybe PERFECT, I don’t know!

Someday I want to build a house here all by myself and live here . I certainly cannot find the right words to describe how I exactly feel at the moment, so here I have a few  pictures which will surely convey  what words can’t…

I will surely come up with an amazing article about this place. Till then you can start planning a trip to my Goa soon..


These roads are like a time machine which takes me back to the good old childhood days.


Every Sunday morning konkani mass, is the perfect start to the day.



Church has a different aura,which brings so much peace to the soul..


The coconut tree says;”we are not broken,just bent, and we can learn to love again”😉




Each road here, covered with trees on both the sides and the beautiful villas around. Couldn’t get any better.





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