Would you play it safe in Love?

Few days ago, I had a conversation over how relationships exist these days and with the person who happens to be my brother said that playing safe is important . Reasons known to him better,as to each his own.

I disagree. I have done this after things didn’t work out well in my previous relationships. I decided to play it safe. What I didnt realise is , that I was missing out on little but important things. The special moments which won’t return again. The memories which could have lasted a lifetime. Its not a bad idea to list the pros and cons before getting into a relationship, because you love yourself and would want to protect every bit of you. But while you are in it, you don’t play a game. It’s love. It’s surely going to be worth the ride. Whether, it’s a happy ending or not-so- happy ending .
When you play it safe, you keep hiding a part of you. What if the relationship works out perfectly and you figure out , the time you could have spent happily, you wasted playing it safe?Even if it’s not a happy ending and you played it safe throughout, is it going to save you the heartbreak. No, right?


What if , the sun decided to play it safe and not shine for us or love us?

So the entire point of playing it safe in any kind of relationship doesn’t seems like a cool thing to do. At the end, you need to look back, connect the dots and smile, thinking it was one hell of a ride, totally worth it!

Love is simple and this simplicity reflects in all of  our relationships.



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