The Edges

Pic by zerocreativity0

At the hour , when the night sinks in,

I cry out to the heavens,

I pray  for the moment to freeze, as i know , it’s my moment;

the moment to let my worries, fears, darkest secrets flow,

to emerge stronger than before.

Just as the heavens agree with alacrity,

lightening and thunder makes my heart skip a beat.

I don’t want this feeling, this moment to fade away,(i cry out louder),

And then the  moon begins to shine brighter than ever before ,

I see a silver lining in the sky ,my ray of hope; of a better tomorrow,

which paints the edges of my beauty,

and from the ordinary i turn into an extra-ordinary,

I turn into a Silhouette Leaf,

just as the night sinks in ……


(P.S- It’s only through the dark times, do we realize our true potential)



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