One day at a time!

When we travel around, the city, the state ,the country or the world, we come across a lot of stuff that takes away all our attention and sometimes, we just freeze at that moment.

So,spare for me is living in the moment, without a worry about what’s going to happen next ,because at the end all we are left with are memories. I took this picture , when I realized that taking one day at a time , is when each day is at it’s best and the poem below describes the interpretation:


At some point it all feels perfect…
Slowly ; little by little , bits and pieces, it begins to slip away..
You try to hold back and like the grains of sand , it slips away sooner than you know…
We call them memories, who knew at the end, its the only treasure with which we grow…



2 thoughts on “One day at a time!

  1. happysoul5 says:

    The sun which descends upon the snow clad mountains , the trees and the entire scenery makes us realize how beautiful the moment feels only if we stop by and appreciate the spare moment that exists each day.


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