Oh, what a wonder! A world created just for us…



Let us give ourselves permission to be “us” in this world ,which is constantly trying to change us. Time to fly and soar high.

Our life in this  world is Beautiful!


When the rays of the sun descends on us, we shine!


We often crib about life, our day, our problems, but little do we realize it’s this same sheer combination  that makes life worth the living..

I’m not initiating a hyperbole statement here, but the stuff that I cribbed about all day long , doesn’t even matter to me anymore, in fact, it has taught me that:

It’s okay, its okay to get yourself into trouble once in a while,

Its okay to fall in love again and be vulnerable,

Its okay to be at an arms distance from the people you don’t want to be close to anymore…

We meet millions of people in our lifetime, and its pretty cool to hang out with a few of them while you don’t want to keep in touch with the other half .. You cannot always please people and live as per their needs.. Honestly, fewer the friends, peaceful will be your life.

This constant fear of losing the person you love, of growing up, of having no idea what to do with  your life ,sucks the soul out of you. It makes you feel as though, there is no where you could belong to and you end up feeling all drained out.

Blog 3.5

When you let the circumstances in your life  take control of you, you will be washed away! Don’t let that happen. Go slow. Breathe.

We need to stop this! Stop feeling so miserable, so scared each minute of our lives ..

Instead ,we could take each step with great faith in the Lord and see how things figure out themselves. Take it easy, go slow on ourselves.
Of course it’s easier said than done, but no harm in trying anyway right? Instead of living life using our imagination and fear, we could let our acts guide us.

I would love to look back at my life someday and be glad I lived , I took the chance, the leap of faith and let my instincts guide me.

And when I connect the dots, I want to smile and say THANK YOU LORD.

We are all puppets in his show. So live this life meaningfully, making each day the best day of our lives.



When we take that first step into the unknown , he won’t let us walk alone!!











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