Being Orderly.. Not so cool always!

BLOG 3.1

A tree with no leaves, yet neither God  nor Man destroys it. It still exists. Probably, only because it awaits to blossom again.

You know, people around will take a horrible stance at you , if you describe yourself as a disorganized person.

The moment you say, ‘Oh Man, I’m such a mess’ , a very few people close to you , will come to your rescue. Mind you! A FEW means a handful among all those , you thought were your close fellows.

So , basically what i am trying to say here is , being not-so-organized and Orderly is pretty cool. In this world that we live in, we are always taught to follow the protocol, i.e, to live by the rules.

Everybody around telling us , this is important and this and this and this. Oh, sweet Lord!! Already too much of chaos right?

When we find ourselves all messy, it simply means , we are trying to make sense out of the chaos , we create for ; by our own hands. Hence, being orderly is pretty cool when we have already learnt it the hard way; through our experiences and we don’t repeat our mistakes.

But, its certainly not-so-cool, when we are trying to be the best version of ourselves.



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