Daddy’s Little Girl :)

And one day, I learned a word, that’s how it began,

Though not so big, it meant the world to this man.

Dada, I spoke 

And with his eyes wide open from the deep slumber he awoke.

“Say it again”, “say it again”,

his rantings to hear the word began.

Our journey thereafter only kept growing and getting better,

Amidst all the differences in opinion and laughter, 

Different walks of life introduced me to several kinds of men,

Some in the form of brothers, friends, best friends, boyfriends, well-wishers. 

though they were man enough in their own way, somehow none could be a superhero in my eye.

For the one who showed me the real meaning of what it took to be a man, was the Superhero himself.

His baby girl grew and she grew only to say the word dada several thousand times,

Sickness, laughter, pain, entertainment, nothing could take over his baby ’s smile.

Be it the bullies on the streets or the negative social, he saved her from all the terror,

He taught his baby to wrap herself in dignity and self-respect and to voice her opinion, even if that meant giving up on some people or opportunities in life. 

DADA, you may have not realized what an example you have set for both your daughters,

In terms of being the perfect man to your wife, you showed us the kind of love and respect we deserve.

You made us believe in superheroes and taught us to fight for everything we believed in and above all have faith in our abilities when the world tried to push us down. 

You have such a huge impact on our lives, that even today, we don’t hesitate to reach out to you, in good or bad times.

Thank you for being our dad who loves us much more than we love him.


Dusk till dawn.


And then one day, she left everything dear to her behind and went on to chase her dreams. She believed and hoped in the unknown. Above all ,she had faith,looking behind somehow scared her, but the thrill of what was yet to be taught her to be patient and to give it all some time. Time passed by and she started settling in . However the life she led haunted her, it made her think time and again about her decision of moving forward , of her stepping into the unknown. She had her good, best, yet fearful days . The thought of her ever having to leave and stay behind, making a living for herself within her comfort zone seemed so ideal in a situation where she had to start it all from scratch. She learned to do her laundry, cook her meals, keep the house neat and tidy, make the house into a home, pay her expenses. She learned to live. She learned to fall back four times and rise up the fifth time . She learned to hold her head up and each time the thought of being better off back home came daunting to her, she assured herself now is the best time of her life, this is exactly where her home is. She wept and wept all night; her sheets drenched in salty tears and her eyes puffed up every single morning. Yet, she chose to grow through each day. She chose to rise and not bend. She prayed every single day . She grew stronger than the previous day. From the dusk until dawn, she created something surreal for herself . She held her head up and drew strength from the Almighty. She promised herself not to go weak in her knees but stand out and stand tall. This is what she chose for herself. This is where she belonged. a lot of circumstances in life may have influenced her decisions and choices in life ,but she chose this for herself. This is where it led her. At this very moment, life is happening and she is grateful for every millisecond.

She is blessed.



•Bittersweet Choices•

And my darling ..
When you have to make a bittersweet choice. 

A choice to fly or stay put; 

choose to fly my darling … choose to fly…

And , I’ll tell you why;

If you choose to stay put , you will let the universe rob your energy , take away your joyful nature ..

Whereas, if you choose to fly, the sky is the limit .. the universe serves you all of itself .. to explore.. to dream.. to aspire soar as high as you believe … 

For you have your heart to guide you , since it knows where it belongs ; there lies the real treasure…


Someday we’ll have to leave everything dear to us behind .

 It will all soon be history . 

We’ll move forward facing a new horizon . 

A new world will open up to us. 

New beginnings waiting to happen to us . 
But hey, until then can we pretend to be puppets which are swaying to the rhythm of the present moment alone?

Don’t you dare let the world define you!

Oh what a world of immense choices we live in!
Ever wondered how badly we are spoilt for choices, very often right? 

So what’s a right choice according to you? 

A right choice could be :

1. An intuitive feeling which says , go ahead ; do it

2. Let’s take a risk and see what happens next feeling,

3. Let’s go with the flow,

4. Think ponder list your pros and cons and then draw upon a final conclusion , a well planned choice .

You know something , 

A right choice for you may not be a right choice for me; likewise vice versa.

Hold on, the bitter truth is , there is no right or wrong choice , we need to weigh the consequences of our actions and make a choice accordingly . The one which is apt for that situation.

But why think about the consequences of our choices ten years down the line,if we have no guarantee of living for that long,right?

how then do we make our choices;

simply by living in the moment, wanting to do what we want to ,as if the moment is about to freeze forever….

And so my friend, don’t let anybody validate your choices, for you alone are the best judge and responsible for the choices you make.

Don’t you dare let the world define you!

A good lesson that chicken pox taught me!

Alright! So. I’m here after a really long time. Had I forgotten about my Blog? Oh, yeah pretty much i think so, blame the mundane tasks in life.
Lying in bed, feeling very very isolated,lost,sad,upset but also very happy ,loved,excited at the same time.

So my present scene goes like this…

I have developed chicken pox, Oh sweet Lord, yes at this adult age, I find it really crazy. Still trying to trace back the day and moment at which I attracted this virus.

So ,here’s the thing, I feel all sad and lost because when you look at yourself wrapped up in these tiny -grown-huge blisters all over yourself, you get worried for your body, you blame yourself for eating that unhealthy food,not exercising,not paying enough attention to your personal hygiene, but hey, its my first time. I am allowed to feel this way, right?

Being healthy and unhealthy is a choice we ought to make, but a virus getting attracted to you, its by chance.

When I began to discover the blisters spreading all over, I freaked out, I cried . I cried my heart,lungs,liver ,every organ out. I was shocked.  I thought to myself, I had been vaccinated way too early, took every precaution as a kid and now when I’m all grown up, I encounter this virus? Weird stuff eh?

Nevertheless, this entire agony taught me, I had to be strong, I had to look myself into the mirror and have the courage to smile,even though I was faking it, I just knew I had to get well soon. I had my entire vacation planned, flight tickets booked, itinerary sorted,and then this happened. I was furious at first. But you know ,stuff happens.

I saw my mother worried and scared ,my father tensed, my neighbours so kind and generous, my relatives concerned. Oh c’mmon, who would ever notice things like these in today’s world,with everyone glued onto their phones and laptops 24*7 and trying to fit in?  The care ,worry ,concern and affection that our Parents show us,is something we will only truly understand when we grow to be Parents ourselves. This may sound like an Old School thought,it still stands true. It takes a sickness /disease to teach you a good lesson and to make you realize the people you try to chase all your life are not worth any of your time.

Your true Hero’s are just around you.

Image result for family

We as individuals are so used to taking life for granted without being fully aware as to how fragile life is! Deep inside my heart aches, it aches because I failed to notice all these beautiful people in my life who love me without any expectations for so many years now, of course I love each of them ,but ,you tend to take them for granted and they are so selfless .

As I pray to recover from this Virus soon, I also want to Thank God for letting this virus get to me, because this was the only way probably I would look around me without an Iphone in hand and pay attention not to the universal beauty but to the beauty of my world,my people.

P.S- Put that phone/laptop/television/ipod/assets away. Stop trying to capture every moment, but live fully and create your forever moment in your space with your people.

New year with Old self??

Every year people come up with new rather repeated resoultions .
Do you truly think and feel that 365 days are merely enough to make a resolution and accomplish it . Oh well, that probably depends on how well you work towards it .

If you ask me ; I believe it’s just another day . Why hype it so much ?

Well I have my reasons ; ok so imagine this -you take a walk or drive across the road and you suddenly encounter an incident which turns into a great learning experience and opens your blinded eye towards something you believed was impossible or of less importance and this sole incident held the power to change you .

This could happen at any moment not possibly on 1st January alone .

Why then do we make resolutions ; small steps towards bigger achievements? Even if it’s so; why wait until a new year?

A new year could be anytime; today , tomorrow, day after or even now for that matter . It is truly a new year when you decide to change yourself and do things you have been procrastinating for years together .

We don’t have to walk in the ways the world directs us ; we need to find our own paths ; discover our own likes , dislikes; form our own opinions and question everything ; every single word that we read or hear.

I’d like to quote Paulho Coehlo ,”sometimes you need to lose yourself , to discover who you are “.
Hence , let a new year begin the day you decide you want to be the best version of yourself . Keep moving and look ahead , for the best is yet to come .

Cheers to A New You . 😘


An answer is all I /We need!

  • Why do we doubt our love for the significant other inspite of feeling so perfect in the relationship???
  •  When Everthing in the world says it’s perfect ; you still feel something is not right somewhere.
  • Is this normal ?

An answer is all we look out for; we carry  a lot of questions in our heart every single day. So here’s my question. What’s yours??

So let’s help one other ; ask a question and together let’s answer each of them.

Present or Future? What’s your scene?!!💭💭💭

Most of the times I find myself thinking about what could have been or what could possibly be in near future. 

I tend to think of the next moment forgetting that I have a present which requires my full attention, because my future will be shaped by today’s actions.
It’s easier to imagine life than to accept what is happening at the moment right? We all do this , and it’s alright . It is perfectly fine . We humans have dozens of thoughts passing through that little  which is not so little organ called brain.

Through all those thoughts, it’s these imaginary ones that make us smile . Of course an overdose can be toxic but nevertheless; you can permit yourself to enter your own la la land.

For me my imaginary moments begin when I feel extremely loved , sad, or lost and alone . 

The best time is during the day when I sit by the lake and watch the sunset or the night ;where in not a soul in the world can take that peaceful feeling away from you. It’s yours and yours alone . You kinda get lost into the night and enter a zone which a so peaceful and it totally belongs to you. But mind you , think sweet thoughts at night as they tend to get registered into your subconscious mind . 

I would love to hear from you, about your time. A time which is yours alone during any hour of the day . Your peace time, your perfect time !